A Dream of the One New Man

I saw 4 legs that would secure to the bottom of a chair cushion lying on the ground by themselves. I then saw this beautiful cushion sitting next to the chair legs on the ground. I asked the Lord what I was seeing? The Lord replied,” The 4 legs are the Gentile believers in Yeshua/Jesus covering the 4 corners of the Earth. The beautiful cushion on the floor was the Hebrew Nation of Israel and God’s Chosen people in Israel and other places.” I said,”Lord,what does it mean?” The Lord replied,” One can sit on the cushion,but it is on the floor where a common man would sit. if you attach the 4 legs (Gentile believers of Yeshua and supporters of Israel and her people/Hebrews) on the floor to the bottom of the cushion(Israel and her people/Hebrews),it is now a Throne for a King to come to and sit upon!!! Yeshua/Jesus is that KING!
People who believe in God Almighty and in Yeshus/Jesus need to realize,without an Israel and the Hebrew people of the earth, we are just a bunch of legs,that are as useful for kippling to start a fire.We need that cushion to support and the cushion needs us,to become a Throne for the King of Kings!

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