Vision from God today 8th of May 2012

I saw the sun setting in the west(the final light of the day). The sun was just barely visible over the horizon and the sky was burnt orange,passion pink/red. I was looking and everything was going into shadows and I saw in shadow a pole; going up the pole was 3 round balls and at the top of the pole was a crescent moon. The Lord then told me as the LIGHT fades from the world,darkness approaches and takes over the earth.Darkness/night usually lasts for 7 hours(7 years of tribulation) and then is destroyed by the coming LIGHT(Yeshua) of the morning. God said to me “people are not understand or listening to HIM when HE says the clock is almost striking midnight(the end) so they the people will understand with sight that the LIGHT is leaving and darkness will rule over earth for a short but long period of night. The pole represents the world,the 3 balls the unholy trinity of IT,the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet,using their agent Islam to help carry out their plan.

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