Prophetic Vision from God today 5 Nov 2011

This morning I got a vision of an egg but the egg had a very pointed top to it and from afar looked like a pyramid. A quarter of the egg was cut away and in the egg were workers, people labouring away like bees in a hive. Then I saw millions and millions of these eggs, looked like little capsules covering the earth causing it to look grey.
Then Yeshua pointed to a chain of islands just north west above Australia.
Then I saw Yeshua cradling the world with His left arm and had His ear to middle east area of the world. He had His right hand in the air, in a fist shaking about to strike the earth in the middle east.
Yeshua says “Pick up your cross, your shield and your sword for the hour is nigh”.
Then Yeshua showed me the Iran nuclear power plant and a nuclear missile with the star of David on it flying toward Iran.
Vision over

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