Vision recieve on August 20th,2011 at 1350pm GMT

On this date I found myself in a vision watching the 144,000 virgin Jews going up the steps to heaven. On the steps they climb are the words of God. ‘ The Lord God created man’. Thou shall keep MY commandments’. These words were to remind the young men to humble themselves to the Lord.
As I see them going up, there is a wall of heaven there with angels playing shofars. As they go through the gate of heaven, the light of the Lord is so bright and illumanated in the light is a double star of David. As the light shines through it and as they look at the double star there is a huge rainbow over it, and its the throne of our God. Looking through the double star they saw the Holy Trinity.
After seeing this, they all turn to their right and a huge angel is stand there. He tells them to pick there preferred home to live in, for the Lord honors you. Their conception of homes were from all around the world. A lot were of European design.
Now I see the Lord putting gold letters in the sky in Hebrew, the language of heaven.
He lets me read it and it says in English, ‘with ME all things are possible’.
Most of these men are young, black haired, shoulder to mid length hair. Some have beards, some don’t. The colours of their clothing appear to be black, white and blue. All had Yamukes on their heads.
Then I see an angel handing them their golden crowns. All crowns have writing on them from Abba, Himself. He puts a word on every crown. Again written in Hebrew.
Then the Lord starts to responses to their thoughts. Some are wanting to write, some to draw, some to play instruments. The voice is an instrument. The Lord tells them, ‘These are the perfect conditions to worship Him in. Your not cold nor hot, light all the time, freedom to worship.
One asks about others in heaven. The Lord’s response is “You know, who you know”. “You know the ones in your heart and soul who should be in heaven”.

This all happens after the rapture of spirit filled believers. Vision ends.

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