Vision 28 July 2011 at 10.10am

I saw mulitudes of angels massing in the heaven in long, long cues. They were hidden behind a cloud, taking off, coming out of the cloud at such speed, like a hard rain falling. All in robes. There are 4 cherubim spinning around above the angels and above the cherubim is the glory cloud with Abba Father in it. Our Abba Father is giving out scrolls to EVERYONE OF THE ANGELS.
Then I see one angel is going to a little boy in India, who fell and hurt his knee. He had gone to a Christian preacher who prayed Yeshua over him. He will become a Christian today because God has healed his knee. The boy thought that he was crippled for life.
Then I see a Chinese man raking the ground. His lawnmower starts all by its self. He had decided to pray to the Christian God since nothing else worked for him and he had no money to fix the lawn mower. He is looking with amazement at the machine. He has just given his life to the Lord.
Then I see 2 boys, one older than the other, looking at a sculpture of Christ on the cross. I hear one say to the other, ‘Do you believe that and pointed at the cross, meaning did that take place.” The other boy said ‘yes I believe it did’. Then the first boy asked ‘ Do you believe what happen afterward, meaning the resurrection’. I don’t know was the response.
Then Jesus came down off the cross in real life and went between them. In amazement they looked at each other, and agreed with what they saw and ran after the spirit of Christ. They ran into a guard who told them to stop running in the museum. They told him what they saw and he was amazed also. He directed them to the priest office in the building.
Vision stopped.

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