Columba’s Vision for Ireland 597ad and 26th/7/2011

This day, 26 July 2011, the Lord came to me telling me that He was going to show me Columba’s vision for Ireland.
I saw a massive tidal wave hitting the west coast of Ireland, sweeping all over Ireland. In the wave, there is an angel of death on the crest of the wave. Coming out of Ireland were the eagles flying up to heaven.
We asked, Jesus, when will this happen. He showed me the fruit harvest. We asked what should we do? He showed me a boat, and said I am the boat, I am the Arc. Get in Me and you will survive.
He said, saints will come back to earth to rule and reign with Him.
Then I saw many, many cities in complete darkness, complete and utter darkness. Then I saw a false sun, with an all seeing eye. But what makes the sun is the nuclear radiation symbol. The false prophet is preaching. The antichrist wears a crown on his head. The crown has 6 gold horns that meet into a floret. The bottom half of the floret is white, while the top half is black. There is a little horn coming out of the top of the black shaped in a half moon and half cross. Antichrist is the merge of Christian/Islam.
Now I see destruction, capital cities falling, man made monuments falling, graven images falling. Darkness is falling on the earth now. Raven of death is flying from the east spreading death as it flies. Blanket of darkness covering London. I look and there is no Ireland when the raven of death is passing over. Half the UK is under water.

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    Wow! Someone looked at this today and I am reading it again. It makes more sense now then when I got this in 2011. The ‘massive tidal wave’ is not physical water but these Muslim/Islamic supposed refugees from the Middle East/Syria. Our Prime Minister wants to settle the majority of the ‘Syrian Refugees’ her in the West of Ireland now.The eagles coming out our the Saints who have stayed with Christ.The half white and black is President Obama,the Anti-Christ-He is a perfect destructive mixture of Christian /Islam Chrislam.

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